It is 1941. War is raging, and Blackwood Manor lies empty.

Abigail’s parents and sister are missing, and the air is filled with anxiety and anger. Who is living here now? What happened to everyone? Why has Abigail come back from the dead? And what is this Goetia that seems to be the key to understanding all this nonsense?



As a ghost, you will explore the manor, the forest or the village to look for clues. Where will you start?



Float through walls! Find rooms a mere mortal couldn’t reach and explore places hidden from others!



Roam around, discover places, discover their puzzles, leave, come back to them later!

Try it now!

Play the first hour of the game - if you reach 100% done! Meet Abigail & explore a few rooms of Blackwood manor… and gather some clues about the history. Don’t miss any hints, they’re all important in Goetia!

Demo available in english and french, for Mac and PC.

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